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"We believe the outcomes of life-changing medical procedures shouldn’t be reliant on guesswork. The Stelect technology takes the guesswork out of medical procedures.”

- Elise Sutherland, CEO



Stelect is a multi award-winning Melbourne-based innovative medical technology company developing a novel sensor solution to aid clinicians in making more informed decisions when it comes to diagnosis and treatment of patients. 

Our goal is to design and build the smallest, high resolution ultrasound medical imaging sensor in the world to take the guess-work out of many medical procedures resulting in improved health outcomes and lower overall costs.


We're aiming to create better health outcomes for patients as well as uplifting the outdated technology by introducing our novel and affordable imaging solution.


Our patented technology, an ultrasound imaging sensor, has already received praise by clinicians as well as winning us numerous awards and recognition from the biggest MedTech and Venture Capitalist firms, globally.


Stelect is a Melbourne based innovative medical device company who believes that no procedure should be based on guesswork. We are passionate about ensuring patients have the best care and a positive outcome from their procedure. 


Since formation in December of 2017, we have been focussed on achieving one goal, to create technology that removes the guesswork out of many procedures, by allowing clinicians access to areas in the human body that imaging has not been able to access before. 


Everyday we take one step closer to achieving this goal. We invite you to follow along with us on this journey.

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Stelect is proud to be in partnerships with the following Investment Firms, Research Institutes and Consulting Companies.

Get in touch with us today if you like to discuss our partnership opportunities.

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